Legislative Council: Tuesday, September 06, 2022


Fox Baiting

In reply to the Hon. S.L. GAME ().19 May 2022).

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Attorney-General, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector): The Minister for Climate, Environment and Water has advised:

This is part of a statewide pest control fees and charges policy (the policy) developed by the landscape boards for landholders to access a range of pest control goods and services across South Australia. Control of pest animals and plants proclaimed under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019, such as the fox, is the responsibility of the landholder.

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board is the only region that has provided free baits to landholders and now needs to adopt a consistent pricing approach for equity to all landholders across the State in line with the policy.

The policy includes bait pricing subsidy guidelines for where certain criteria are met to incentivise and encourage landowner engagement and commitment towards the ongoing protection of the environment and eradication of pests such as foxes.

Engagement with landholders over the next six to 12 months as the board transitions to implementing the policy will be undertaken.