Legislative Council: Tuesday, September 06, 2022


Grant Programs

64 The Hon. S.G. WADE ().6 July 2022). For each grant program or fund the minister is responsible for please provide the following information for 2022-23, 2023-24, 2024-25 and 2025-26 financial years:

1. Name of the program or fund;

2. The purpose of the program or fund;

3. Budgeted expenditure from the program or fund;

4. Budgeted payments into the program or fund;

5. Details, including the value and beneficiary, of any commitments already made to be funded from the program or fund.

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector): The Minister for Health and Wellbeing has advised:

The grant program/funds budget across the forwards is summarised below for SA Health and its attached offices:

The following table details grant programs within provider commissioning and performance DHW.

Note where there is no allocation of budget in the forward years, a grant agreement has not been approved and/or budgets have not yet been finalised.

Grant program name—Department for Health and Wellbeing (Provider Commissioning and Performance) Purpose of grant program/fund Beneficiary/Recipient 2022-23 Value $000 2023-24 Value $000 2024-25 Value $000 2025-26 Value $000
Intensive Care Registries To support the delivery of a bi-national peer review process and quality assurance program which allow benchmarking of Intensive Care outcomes across Australia and New Zealand. Australian & New Zealand Intensive Care Society 85 - - -
Adelaide Day Centre for homeless persons Health support services for homeless adults. Adelaide Day Centre 107 - - -
Australian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) – National Benchmarking System to improve clinical rehabilitation outcomes Support a national benchmarking system to improve clinical rehabilitation outcomes. The University of Wollongong 58 - - -
The Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) Web-based audit of hip fracture care and secondary fracture prevention in South Australian public hospitals. Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) 25 - - -
Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR) Patient reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) To support SA Health's participation in the rollout of the AOA National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR) Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) data collection for joint replacement surgery. Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) 61 61 - -
Brian Burdekin Clinic Health and Welfare Services To provide a range of onsite and outreach health and welfare services to homeless and disadvantaged people in the Adelaide City Council area. Brian Burdekin Clinic Health and Welfare Services Inc 231 - - -
Contribution to Ventilators—MOAA Ongoing agreement between the Department for Health and Wellbeing (DHW) and DHS for DHW to contribute annual funding for the Contribution to Ventilators Programs at the Highgate Park Aged Care facility. Department of Human Services 700 - - -
Homeless Nursing Program Provide generalist nursing services to people who are experiencing or transitioning from homelessness. Royal District Nursing Service SA Inc 226 - - -
Peak Body—Aboriginal Health Council of SA Support Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service organisation members to maintain their capability and optimise governance. Aboriginal Health Council of SA Inc 2 2 2 -
Periods, Endometriosis and Pain (PEPP TALK) Program To deliver of the Periods, Pain and Endometriosis Schools Program (PPEP-Talk) to secondary school students in South Australia. Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia Ltd 50 - - -
Statewide General Practitioner Obstetrics Shared Care Program To provide clients with a shared care model between GPs and Public Maternity units. GP Partners Adelaide 391 - - -
Streetlink Youth Health Service To deliver homeless support services for young people across metropolitan Adelaide. Uniting Communities 160 - - -
Day & Group Programs—Wayville Activities & Therapeutic Group Programs To provide recovery based activities and courses for independent living skill development and support for consumers with a psycho-social disability. Skylight Mental Health 656 - - -
Day & Group Programs Delivery of a range of group based psychosocial rehabilitation services to assist people experiencing mental illness. Neami Limited 249 - - -
Diamond House—Day & Group Programs Delivery of services in line with the international Clubhouse model to individuals in South Australia with a mental illness, their carers/families and communities. Clubhouse SA Inc. 411 - - -
Grow Program (mutual help groups and support services) Delivery of the international GROW program of personal growth and development to individuals in South Australia with a mental illness, their carers/ families and communities. GROW 702 - - -
Mutual Support, Self Help and Information Delivery of telephone and support groups for individuals with mental health issues. Skylight Mental Health 680 - - -
SIDS and Kids SA funding. Funding over four years to SIDS and Kids SA to provide funding to help their vital work and increasing workload. SIDS and Kids SA 200 200 200 200
Support for South Australians living with MND. Funding over four years for MND SA to establish a team of health professionals to provide increased support to assist people living with Parkinsons over the age of 65 years. MND South Australia 600 600 600 600
Specialist Nurses—three additional nurses for The Epilepsy Centre. Funding over four years to enable The Epilepsy Centre to recruit three specialist nurses. The Epilepsy Centre. 250 250 250 250
Specialist Nurses—four additional nurses to better support people living with Parkinson's. Funding over four years to enable Parkinsons SA to recruit four FTE nurse specialists to better support people living with Parkinsons across both metropolitan and regional South Australia. Parkinson SA 1 1 1 1
Specialist Nurses—at least one additional nurses to Arthritis SA's services. Funding over four years to enable Arthritis to employ at least one nurse to enhance Arthritis SA's services for arthritis patients and to better support people living in rural and regional parts of South Australia. Arthritis SA 200 200 200 200
Independent Patient Voice. Funding over four years to re-establish an independent patient voice for the South Australian Health System. South Australian Council of Social Service 200 200 200 200
Heartkids Program Funding over four years to HeartKids to provide support to children with heart conditions, focussing on early childhood intervention, family mental health support, and regional and remote support. Heartkids SA 250 250 250 250
eHealth Research agreement Research in eHealth relevant to Rural & Remote Mental Health Service. This is a collaborative research agreement with Flinders University 103 - - -
Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Program Individuals and Organisations apply to the Mental Health Coalition for a grant to undertake a promotional activity during BPD awareness week during the first week of October. Mental Health Coalition of SA to manage a community grants program 30 - - -
Mental Health Week Community Grants Program Individuals and Organisations apply to the Mental Health Coalition for a grant to undertake a promotional activity during Mental Health week each October. Mental Health Coalition of SA to manage a community grants program 10 - - -
Keith & District Hospital Funding Agreement Provision of ongoing Aged Care services and the provision of emergency services for patients whilst transitioning to the new model of care and including an on call general practitioner (GP) to provide emergency services. Keith & District Hospital 750 - - -
Community Connection Program YNLHN 484 493 502 512
Community Connection Program The Program supports people aged 18 to 64 years or 49 years for Aboriginal people, living in South Australia whose independence and quality of life is at risk because they are disconnected from necessary support, and face heightened vulnerability due to social isolation. RMCLHN 336 - - -
Community Visitors Scheme Social support to clients in RAC facilities and HCP. RMCLHN 39 - - -
Mobile Assistance Patrol (Aboriginal Health) MAP provides transport to Murray Bridge aboriginal community members under the influence of alcohol, other substances, or situational crises from public places to places of care, safety and support. Kalparrin Community Inc. 387 - - -
Elimination of Trachoma Indigenous Communities Elimination of Trachoma in Indigenous Communities—Improving Eye Health Services for Indigenous Australians for Better Education and Employment outcomes. Aboriginal Elders & Community Care Services Inc 175 175 175 -
Aboriginal Health Council of Sa Inc 434 453 469 -
Yadu Health Aboriginal Corporation 110 110 110 -
Nganampa Health Council Inc 208 208 208 -
Tullawon Health Services 110 110 110 -
To Be Reassigned After Pika Wiya Health Services' Declining 147 147 146 -
SA Healthy Towns Challenge – Partnering for Children's Wellbeing 2021-2023 (SAHTC) SAHTC is a grants program by Wellbeing SA for regional and rural towns to develop programs that contribute to preventing chronic disease and creating healthy environments within their community.
Woodward Park Upgrade Park upgrades include a nature play area, bike track, and a half-court basketball facility. Uniting Country SA Limited PORT PIRIE – 125 - - -
Connect Bute's outdoor play spaces through a shared walking and pedestrian track. Barunga West Council BUTE – Connecting Bute's Outdoor Play Spaces 125 - - -
Umoona Tjutagku Health Service Aboriginal Corporation Coober Pedy – Aboriginal Children and Primary Carer's Wellness Centre. Healthy for Life building renovation, including equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor play areas, and a seating area. 65 - - -
Strong Soul Living = Happy Soul. A new playground with shade structures. Point Pearce Aboriginal Corporation Point Pearce 59 - - -
Cancer Screening Grants Program, encompassing grants for Aboriginal men, Aboriginal women, clinics and community groups with established relationships with priority populations (eg multicultural groups, people with disability etc) To increase participation of priority populations in bowel and / or cervical cancer screening. TBD 132 135 139 142
Chronic Disease Integrated Partnership Grants program The Chronic Disease Integrated Partnership Grants program aims to improve health outcomes for people living with chronic conditions by supporting partnership based initiatives that improve health outcomes and experiences for people living with chronic conditions. TBD 260 - - -
South Australian Suicide Prevention Community Grants Scheme The purpose of the Grants Scheme is to support suicide prevention projects that aim to address stigma and myths around suicide. Funding of up to $10,000 per project is provided to community groups and non-government organisations to deliver local suicide prevention projects. TBD 150 150 150 150
Strengthening Community Wellbeing after Bushfires Grant Program (under the Bushfire Mental Health Project) The purpose of this grant program is to provide local community resilience grants for bushfire impacted communities. It aims to strengthen community mental health and wellbeing by helping communities to connect, increase their mental health and wellbeing awareness/literacy and build resilience. TBD 125 - - -
Dental Care The grant to Nunkawarrin Yunti provides general preventative and emergency dental care to the targeted group. Nunkawarrin Yunti 359 - - -
The grant to Tullawon Health Service provides general preventative and emergency dental care to the targeted group. Tullawon Health Service 139 - - -
Murdoch Children's Research Institute Contribution for the Australian and New Zealand Fontan Registry. Research into the Fontan procedure of Fontan-Kreutzer procedure – a palliative surgical procedure used in children with univentricular hearts. Murdoch Children's Research Institute 5 5 5 5
Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) The ABA ensures that Child and Family Health Service undergo the ABA Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation process prior to August 2023, with ABA completing the CaFHS Accreditation process on an in-kind basis. (Service agreement SAH2019-1496). ABA 40 40 40 40
Kidsafe SA Kidsafe is the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia, preventing children from injury and hospitalisation. Kindsafe SA 127 127 127 127
Patient Reported Measures Research Collaborative Grant Support applied research in patient reported measures that translates to improved patient experience and / or outcomes. South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) 12 - - -
Specialist Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Treatment Services Residential rehabilitation provides a safe, supportive, structured environment for people with severe substance use and disorders and complicating life factors. Uniting Communities 2,296 2,354 2,413 2,473
Counselling Services Counselling is a broad term that includes a range of approaches, some of which are specific to alcohol and other drug related problems and some of which are more generic. Centacare Catholic Family Services 287 294 302 309
Life without Barriers 1,302 1,334 1,368 1,402
Uniting Communities 856 878 900 922
Integrated Youth Substance Misuse A specialist service directed towards young people 12 to 24 years of age only, experiencing harm as a consequence of the misuse of alcohol or other substances. Centacare Catholic Family Services 1,796 1,840 1,886 1,934
Mobile Assistance Patrol Mobile Assistance Patrols transport intoxicated people from public places to places of care, safety and support such as private homes or sobering up units. Aboriginal Sobriety Group 697 714 732 751
Department For Human Services 233 239 245 251
Sobering Up Units Sobering Up Units are safe environments for heavily intoxicated people to have their health monitored while they recover from the ill-effects of substance use. The Salvation Army (SA) Property Trust 2,401 2,461 2,523 2,586
Corporation of the City of Port Augusta 994 1,019 1,044 1,070
Yalata Anangu Aboriginal Corporation 929 953 976 1,001
Yalata Substance Misuse Referral Program Employment of a coordinator based at Yalata with a primary role of assertively managing the health and welfare of Aboriginal people who reside on the Yalata Lands to connect them with a range of substance misuse services in Ceduna. Tullawon Health Service 162 166 170 175
Family Drug Support The provision of support and education services to families, including counselling and family support, l;24-hours per day support telephone service and training of telephone volunteers and provision of group support meetings in various SA locations. Family Drug Support (FADISS Limited) 348 357 366 375
Drug and Alcohol Peak Body As the only established alcohol and other drug peak body organisation representing the alcohol and other drug sector in South Australia, the South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS) builds alliances and partnerships that support the building of stronger alcohol and other drug service organisations. South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (SANDAS 180 184 189 194
Clean Needle Programs Hepatitis SA's Clean Needle Programs (CNPs) provides vital Peer Educator staffing support for high volume CNP service sites. Hepatitis SA Incorporated 662 678 678 678
Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia, metropolitan Adelaide's Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service, delivers a culturally appropriate mobile outreach Clean Needle Program service targeting Aboriginal people who inject drugs. Nunkuwarrin Yunti of SA 79 81 81 81
Community Access and Services SA's (CASSA) Vietnamese Community Project Clean Needle Program delivers culturally appropriate Clean Needle Program services in the metropolitan area. Community Access and Services SA (CASSA) 160 164 164 164
The Enhanced Aboriginal Blood Borne Virus Prevention Project aims to prevent the transmission of BBVs among Aboriginal people who inject drugs (the target group). Enhanced Aboriginal Blood Borne Virus Prevention 69 71 71 71
This project enables street based sex workers who inject drugs in metropolitan Adelaide to have access to sterile equipment, harm minimisation. information and referral options for health and social services. Sex Industry Network 75 77 77 77
Uniting Communities Clean Needle Program sites. Uniting Communities 122 125 125 125
The Clean Needle Program Pharmacy Scheme provides wider availability of sterile injecting equipment, safe disposal options and after-hours access for people at-risk of blood borne virus infection and other harms associated with inject drug use. The Pharmacy Guild 117 120 120 120
Clean Needle Program Syringe Vending Machine Services are provided by Vendafit. Vendafit 83 83 83 83
Smoking Cessation Services The SAHMRI Tobacco Control Research and Evaluation Program provides monitoring, research and program evaluation to inform and assist tobacco control strategies undertaken in South Australia. South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) 853 - - -
Provision of the South Australian smoking cessation counselling and information telephone service (the 'Quitline'). Cancer Council Victoria 415 210 - -
Tackling Tobacco is a program that aims to reduce smoking related harm amongst priority populations that experience high levels of social and economic disadvantage. The program focuses on enhancing the way organisations address smoking and support people who access their services and their staff to quit. Cancer Council SA 100 100 100 100
Under instruction of the newly appointed Government as part of the Election Commitments, funding has been committed for expansion of current and provision of additional locations of face to face support groups in areas of demand for families experiencing alcohol and other drug problems across South Australia. Family Drug Support (FADISS Limited) 250 250 250 250
NALHN Volunteer Services A financial contribution to the Lyell McEwin Volunteer Association (LMVA) to manage the provision of volunteer services across NALHN. Lyell McEwin Volunteer Association. 88 - - -
Safe Haven Cafe A community led, non-clinical, safe alternative to the emergency and hospital services for adults (over 18 years) experiencing distress, crisis, loneliness, personal difficulties, or simply seeking social connection. Adelaide Primary Health Network Limited 136 - - -