Legislative Council: Tuesday, September 06, 2022


Bushfire Victim Support

50 The Hon. S.G. WADE ().6 July 2022).

1. What ongoing support is being provided for the victims of bushfires in recent years?

2. In 2022-23 and the balance of the forward estimates:

(a) what is the level of funding allocated, and

(b) how many FTE will be dedicated to this support?

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector): The Minister for Health and Wellbeing has advised:

CAMHS is continuing to maintain an extra 5.0 FTE extra clinical resources.

The Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network is extending 1.0 FTE clinician in each of Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island (KI) for six months; extending the psychiatrist at 0.2 FTE to KI for three months and extending the psychologist (servicing both areas) at 0.5 FTE for three months.

Services on Kangaroo Island remain committed to prioritising and supporting community members affected by the bushfires. The longer term support needs of the community are currently being factored into the next stages of mental health planning.