Legislative Council: Thursday, July 07, 2022


Industrial Hemp

In reply to the Hon. T.A. FRANKS (19 May 2022).

The Hon. C.M. SCRIVEN (Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Minister for Forest Industries): I provide the following response:

The four-year PIRSA SARDI industrial hemp trials project was completed in 2021, and an update report was published in January 2022. This report is publicly available on the PIRSA website.

Results confirm that industrial hemp can be successfully produced in South Australia and the most promising varieties for the Riverland and Limestone Coast regions are identified. The trials also confirm that the ideal sowing time for irrigated hemp production is mid-November to mid-December. Dryland production was not tested as it is not expected to be reliable in South Australia.

AgriFutures Australia commenced an Industrial Hemp Variety Trials project in July 2021. This is a national project with trial sites across Australia and will run until June 2024. SARDI is a participant in these trials, with trial sites at Loxton in the Riverland and Maaoupe in the Limestone Coast.

Up to 17 June 2022, PIRSA has issued 25 licences to cultivate industrial hemp and two licences to process industrial hemp.

As Minister for Primary Industries and Regions, I am responsible for the Industrial Hemp Act 2017 and the Industrial Hemp Regulations 2017 which provides a licensing framework to authorise and regulate the possession, cultivation, processing and supply of industrial hemp in South Australia.

I am advised that medicinal cannabis is regulated by SA Health and the commonwealth.

The Department for Trade and Investment supports commercial investor and exporter interests in South Australia. This is typically predicated on stakeholders meeting regulatory requirements.