Legislative Council: Thursday, July 07, 2022


Varroa Mite

The Hon. N.J. CENTOFANTI (Leader of the Opposition) (14:54): Supplementary: in terms of restriction of movement of bees and bee products from New South Wales, can the minister explain how this will affect the cross-border community of Lindsay Point in the Riverland?

The Hon. C.M. SCRIVEN (Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Minister for Forest Industries) (14:54): The regulations prevent any movement into South Australia of bees or bee products, and I would encourage members to go to the PIRSA website for a very specific explanation of the individual items that can and cannot be brought into South Australia without having the approval, as I outlined in the ministerial statement.

The New South Wales government has, almost immediately following the detection of varroa mite in New South Wales, or very soon after, put in place restrictions on the movement of hives within that state and therefore the cross-border communities will similarly be in the situation, sadly, that many areas within South Australia will be. We are hoping that it will be contained and eradicated. From my discussions with those within the industry this week, there is still some confidence that that can occur, and certainly my department and I will be working to ensure that that can happen, if it is at all possible.