Legislative Council: Tuesday, August 29, 2023


Crime in Port Augusta

In reply to the Hon. S.L. GAME ().31 May 2023).

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector): The Minister for Human Services has advised:

The Port Augusta Youth Centre has had hours extended from 21 March 2023, with approximately 50 young people engaged at the centre each night.

The Port Augusta Youth Bus have had hours extended from 19 December 2022, with on average 270 young people transported each month.

The Community Participation Fund will commence 1 July 2023.

The Intensive Youth Support Group commenced 1 May 2023 with 10 young people initially identified for a response, and two actively receiving a multi-agency response.

The Assertive Youth Outreach Service will commence 3 July 2023, and a pool of youth workers will be employed.

The Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services has advised that:

In the period from 1 January 2023 to 8 June 2023, 87 youths were charged for offences occurring in Port Augusta, (defined as the region incorporating Port Augusta, Port Augusta West, Davenport and Stirling North).

Charges for offences occurring in Port Augusta, by number of youths charged, 01/01/2023–8/06/2023

Offence charged Number of youths charged with offence
Affray 9
Assault a Prescribed Emergency Worker 5
Carry an Offensive Weapon or an Article of Disguise 8
Carry Visible Offensive Weapon in a School or Public Place 1
Cause Harm by Dangerous Driving 1
Commit Assault 17
Commit Assault that Causes Harm 3
Contravene a Condition of a Learner's Licence 1
Damage Property – Building or Motor Vehicle (Not Arson) 10
Damage Property Other Than a Building or Motor Vehicle 5
Dangerous Driving to Escape Police Pursuit 1
Dishonestly Deal with Property Without Owner's Consent 25
Disorderly or Offensive Behaviour 5
Drive Under the Influence with a Child Under 16 Present 1
Drive Uninsured Motor Vehicle on Road 3
Drive Unregistered Motor Vehicle on a Road 3
Drive with Prescribed Alcohol With a Child Under 16 Present 1
Drive/Use/Interfere With Motor Vehicle Without Owner Consent 17
Fail to Comply with Bail Agreement 21
Fighting 15
Hinder or Resist Police 11
Hinder Police Officer 1
Light or Maintain Fire in Open Air in Fire Danger Season 1
Making Off Without Payment 1
Mark Graffiti 3
Not Programs-Contravene Intervention Order Term 2
Obstruct or Hinter an Officer Exercising Road Law Powers 1
Offensive Language 3
Possess Article to Commit Offence (Suspicious Circumstances) 4
Possess Cannabis, Cannabis Resin or Cannabis Oil 9
Possess Equipment for Cannabis Use or Preparation 2
Possess Prescribed Equipment 1
Prohibited Act with Human Biological Material Causing Harm 1
Refuse Name and Address 1
Ride Bicycle at Night Without Warning Lights as Specified 1
Serious Criminal Trespass in Non-Residential Building 7
Serious Criminal Trespass in Place of Residence 7
State False Personal Detail 3
Throw Missile With Intention to Injure, Annoy or Frighten 3
Throw Missile, Reckless as to Damage to Property 2
Throw Missile, Reckless as to Harm to a Person 1
Trespass in Residence Knowing Another Present 1
Unauthorised Person Drive Motor Vehicle on Road 5
Unlawful Possession 10
Unlawfully on Premises 22
Use or Threaten Unlawful Violence 1

*SAPOL does not include sexual offending when reporting by postcode to ensure victims aren't identified—four charges have been removed.