Legislative Council: Tuesday, August 29, 2023


Construction Industry

The Hon. N.J. CENTOFANTI (Leader of the Opposition) (15:22): Supplementary: will the government be supporting legislation to create an industry watchdog to protect builders on worksites?

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector) (15:22): No, we won't be supporting the legislation the opposition has before parliament. What their legislation they have before parliament does is create basically a legislative telephone directory. What it is is a referral system. Something goes wrong and then you have a person who can ring someone else who has powers to look at and enforce. That's basically what the Liberal opposition are proposing: a legislative telephone directory disguised to take care of a problem that they won't even produce evidence for. That's where we are.

The PRESIDENT: The Hon. Ms Lensink, you have a supplementary question arising from the original answer?