Legislative Council: Tuesday, February 07, 2023


Personal Explanation

First Nations Voice to Parliament

The Hon. S.L. GAME (17:12): I seek leave to make a personal explanation.

Leave granted.

The Hon. S.L. GAME: At 3.01 pm today in question time, I asked the Attorney-General a question about the accountability of the elected First Nations Voice, because I was concerned that according to the draft bill the elected First Nations Voice was not required to make representations to parliament or annual reports. I note that, through re-looking at the video footage, at 3.03pm the Attorney-General replied that I was not looking at the most recent bill and that in fact an advance bill was now public. The Attorney-General later stated that I should in fact check my inbox when I queried where it was public.

I can confirm that I have checked my inbox and that at 3.20pm, about 17 minutes after the Attorney-General informed the chamber that the bill was public, one of my staffers did in fact receive the advance bill, although I will note that the YourSAy website and the Attorney-General website were not updated with the advance bill, and I do not consider my staff's email as public.