Legislative Council: Tuesday, February 07, 2023


Personal Explanation

Henderson, Hon. L.A.

The Hon. L.A. HENDERSON (14:50): I wish to inform the chamber that I recently have taken my husband's surname. At the end of November last year, I married Cameron Henderson, who I first met at the Liberal Club tent when he was the then president of the UniSA Law School.

Members interjecting:


The Hon. L.A. HENDERSON: I will say I was not a member of the Liberal Party at that time. I went to seek guidance on the university timetable so that I could organise my travel arrangements and visa arrangements to go home to visit my family in Saudi Arabia. I think it is fair to say that since that time both the Liberal Party and Cameron have been a constant in my life.

Cameron has been an anchor by my side no matter what life has thrown at us, particularly throughout the election and more recently as I have assumed my new role as a member of the Legislative Council. Changing my name is not something that I have done lightly. I have been advised that I am the first member of the Legislative Council and the second South Australian parliamentarian to change their name to their married name whilst a serving member of parliament.

As I am sure members of this place will appreciate, we work hard to represent our communities, but with the nature of our roles also comes the reality that campaigns are run on the recognition of our names. For me, I was a Curran in the 2018 election when I ran for the seat of Reynell, in 2019 when I ran for the federal electorate of Kingston and, more recently, in the 2022 election when I was privileged to be elected to the Legislative Council.

I am proud to be a Curran and I am proud that I was elected and sworn in as a Curran. It is an acknowledgement of the hard work, support and sacrifice of my parents and my grandparents for me to be able to stand here in this place, for which I am eternally grateful. But, as we together, as a couple and a team, embark on the exciting next chapter of our lives, I have chosen to take Cameron's surname.