Legislative Council: Tuesday, July 05, 2022



The Hon. R.B. MARTIN (15:39): My question is to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. Will the minister inform the council on the NAIDOC events being held in Port Augusta?

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Attorney-General, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector) (15:39): I thank the honourable member for his important question, as we are in the middle of NAIDOC Week. Many country areas in South Australia celebrate NAIDOC Week in many different ways and have done for a long period of time. Port Augusta is one of the regional centres that celebrates in many different ways and has done for many years.

I am informed that there are a large range of events in Port Augusta to celebrate NAIDOC Week. I understand there are over 20 formal NAIDOC events being held over the seven days of NAIDOC Week for the whole community to participate in. It is fantastic to see so many events being held across the community to celebrate the history, culture and achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The events in Port Augusta include (and I am sure I will miss some out, so they are not limited to): smoking ceremonies, particularly a moving one that I have seen pictures of to celebrate the start of NAIDOC Week; the MoZzi x Inkatja: A New Moon exhibition; a Colour Run; the Port Augusta NAIDOC Awards; Yarns Around the Campfire; Culture Day; a quiz night; NAIDOC Youth Day; Nunga Screening; a community breakfast; the Port Augusta march; the Youth Centre Family Day; and the Port Augusta NAIDOC Ball.

I would like to mention a couple of the events in particular. The Colour Run was held on Monday 4 July and I think is a unique part of the Port Augusta NAIDOC tradition now. It has been a success in recent years and draws in many community members to actively participate while also promoting healthy lifestyles. A few years ago, I didn't run, but I ambled in the Port Augusta NAIDOC Colour Run, and was bombarded by great bursts of bright colours, wearing my white T-shirt in the run.

The other events, particularly including the Port Augusta NAIDOC Awards that I was fortunate to attend in previous years as well, recognise the significant contribution that Aboriginal people have made not just to the Port Augusta area but that Port Augusta Aboriginal people have made to the wider South Australian community and Aboriginal community.