Legislative Council: Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Regional Roads

The Hon. H.M. GIROLAMO (14:47): What conversations has the minister had with the federal government around ensuring that billions of dollars are not cut out of these projects? What have you done? Have you done your job?

The Hon. K.J. Maher: That has nothing to do with the answer.

The PRESIDENT: I really don't know how to adjudicate because I didn't hear the answer. Minister, would you like to make a response?

Members interjecting:


The Hon. C.M. SCRIVEN (Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Minister for Forest Industries) (14:47): I'm happy to give my previous answer, particularly for your benefit, Mr President, as well as anyone else who couldn't hear because of the rabble opposite. What I said was that it was clear that the former federal Coalition government made a lot of promises but failed to adequately budget to deliver them and that was a failure we also saw at a state level under the former Marshall Liberal government leading to projects being undercosted and inadequately planned—undercosted and inadequately planned.

Having taken the time to fix these issues with projects such as the north-south corridor, our government acknowledges the efforts of Minister King to undertake the review process and we await the outcome of the federal government's review, at which time we will respond accordingly.