Legislative Council: Thursday, July 06, 2023


Crafers Bikeway

267 The Hon. R.A. SIMMS ().3 May 2023). Can the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport advise—

1. Will the minister commit to repairing the Crafers bikeway, including sealing track edges, and repairing fencing and other barriers?

2. Will the minister commit to extending the bikeway so that it commences at the intersection of Cross Road and Portrush Road?

The Hon. C.M. SCRIVEN (Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Minister for Forest Industries): The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport has advised:

1. An inspection and scoping of any repairs for the Crafers bikeway will be completed by early June 2023, with any immediate works identified to be undertaken in June 2023, subject to weather conditions. The bikeway may need to be closed during works to ensure the safety of cyclists and workers.

2. The City of Burnside received $25,000 from the 2021-22 State Bicycle Fund to construct a shared use path between Boucaut Street and the Crafers bikeway. The project is currently under construction. The section of footpath between Boucaut Street and Portrush Road is under the care and control of the City of Burnside and is constrained by the South Eastern Freeway and adjacent development including the veranda of the state heritage listed Colonial Restaurant.

Any further upgrades to the Crafers bikeway will be considered within the overall cycling network in metropolitan Adelaide to ensure that the facilities are best meeting the needs for active travel.