Legislative Council: Tuesday, June 27, 2023


Question Time

Commercial Fisheries Review

The Hon. N.J. CENTOFANTI (Leader of the Opposition) (14:30): I seek leave to make a brief explanation prior to addressing a question to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development regarding the seafood sector cost-recovery review.

Leave granted.

The Hon. N.J. CENTOFANTI: In March 2022, the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development announced that the government will be undertaking an independent review of the current seafood sector cost-recovery model. A cost-recovery review panel was established in February 2023 to provide advice to the minister on the most appropriate, fair and equitable cost-recovery arrangements for the commercial fisheries sector in South Australia. It is understood that the panel has now provided that report to the minister. My questions to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development are:

1. Will the minister be seeking stakeholder feedback on the draft report for the South Australian commercial fisheries cost-recovery review prior to making any decisions on the sector's cost-recovery framework, and when will that feedback commence?

2. Will the minister publicly release the draft report?

The Hon. C.M. SCRIVEN (Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, Minister for Forest Industries) (14:31): I thank the honourable member for her question. In undertaking the review that she referred to, submissions were invited from the commercial fishing sectors and also the aquaculture sector, as well as other interested stakeholders, and the review also sought feedback from PIRSA and other relevant government agencies. The reports have now been delivered to me and I expect to be briefed on those very shortly and give consideration to those reports and any actions that might arise from them.