Legislative Council: Thursday, November 03, 2022


Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union

The Hon. J.S. LEE (Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (14:46): Supplementary: can the Attorney-General indicate to the house whether he has received any briefing, any briefing at all, about the CFMEU from his department regarding any matters about the construction industry?

The PRESIDENT: You gave a bit of a broad-ranging answer, Attorney.

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Attorney-General, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector) (14:47): I thank the honourable member for her question. I will check, and if it's different I am happy to bring back a reply, but I don't remember receiving any briefing from my department about matters to do with the CFMEU in relation to the issues the member raised in her original question.