Legislative Council: Tuesday, June 14, 2022


SkyCity Adelaide

The Hon. C. BONAROS (15:03): I seek leave to make a brief explanation before asking the Attorney-General a question about the SkyCity Adelaide Casino.

Leave granted.

The Hon. C. BONAROS: National media is reporting today of yet another independent inquiry into the operations of an Australian casino. The Queensland Premier today relented after months of resistance and announced that an independent inquiry will be held to investigate Star Entertainment's fitness to continue holding casino licences in Brisbane and the Gold Coast after revelations of money laundering, fraud and illegal junkets at the gaming giant's Sydney operations.

The move follows months of evidence of criminal behaviour aired at the New South Wales inquiry into Star's Sydney casino, which has prompted an exodus of the company's executives and a recommendation that it be stripped of its licence. Similar probes were also held into Crown casinos in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

At the same time, AUSTRAC has revealed it is investigating SkyCity Adelaide Casino—which has been confirmed today in the response the minister has provided—after it identified potential serious noncompliance with the Australian Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. My questions to the Attorney are:

1. Do you, as Attorney-General, and the state government have confidence in the operations of SkyCity Adelaide Casino, given what we are learning about casinos around the nation?

2. Since forming government, what assurances have you sought from SkyCity Adelaide Casino itself that it is operating within the conditions of its licence?

3. What is preventing the government from holding an inquiry of its own into the Adelaide Casino, especially given the ongoing AUSTRAC investigation of the Commissioner for Consumer and Business Services into the Casino and, more generally, the appalling conduct of casinos in other jurisdictions?

The Hon. K.J. MAHER (Attorney-General, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Industrial Relations and Public Sector) (15:05): I thank the honourable member for her questions. I am not aware of specific allegations, but this area of responsibility falls under the Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs, and I will certainly refer the substance of the questions to her and bring back a reply.