Legislative Council: Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Public Transport Privatisation

The Hon. E.S. BOURKE (14:24): My questions are to the Treasurer.

1 Is there any money in the budget to fund the privatisation of the public transport rail network?

2. What assistance will the Department of Treasury and Finance provide in the process of the privatisation of the public rail and transport network?

The Hon. R.I. LUCAS (Treasurer) (14:24): The very capable Minister for Transport, the Hon. Stephan Knoll, has a very adequate budget to meet all the requirements, not only for this financial year but for the forward estimate years. He, unlike perhaps ministers in the former government, is quite happy to accept his responsibility to manage his budget processes, and so whatever funding is required for the outsourcing of trams and trains, as outlined by the minister, he will have funding for.

The process of managing the outsourcing will be a responsibility for the minister and his department. If required, Treasury, as always, is a willing adviser, assister or participant as required, but the management of the process will be one for the minister and his department and his officers.