House of Assembly: Wednesday, April 10, 2024


New Women's and Children's Hospital (Relocation of SA Police Facilities) Amendment Bill

Second Reading

Adjourned debate on second reading.

(Continued from 27 September 2023.)

Mr ODENWALDER (Elizabeth) (11:04): I move:

That this order of the day be postponed.

The house divided on the motion:

Ayes 25

Noes 16

Majority 9


Andrews, S.E. Bettison, Z.L. Bignell, L.W.K.
Boyer, B.I. Brown, M.E. Champion, N.D.
Clancy, N.P. Cook, N.F. Fulbrook, J.P.
Hildyard, K.A. Hood, L.P. Hughes, E.J.
Hutchesson, C.L. Koutsantonis, A. Michaels, A.
Mullighan, S.C. Odenwalder, L.K. (teller) O'Hanlon, C.C.
Pearce, R.K. Piccolo, A. Picton, C.J.
Savvas, O.M. Szakacs, J.K. Thompson, E.L.
Wortley, D.J.


Basham, D.K.B. Batty, J.A. Bell, T.S.
Brock, G.G. Cowdrey, M.J. Ellis, F.J.
Gardner, J.A.W. McBride, P.N. Patterson, S.J.R.
Pederick, A.S. Pisoni, D.G. (teller) Pratt, P.K.
Tarzia, V.A. Teague, J.B. Telfer, S.J.
Whetstone, T.J.


Stinson, J.M. Speirs, D.J. Close, S.E.
Hurn, A.M.

Motion thus carried; order of the day postponed.