House of Assembly: Thursday, March 09, 2023


Autism Strategy

The Hon. J.A.W. GARDNER (Morialta—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (14:37): Supplementary, sir, in relation to the minister's answer: is the government going to be maintaining, reducing or increasing funding to Autism SA for their diagnostic testing program through the Department of Human Services, and will that program be continued?

The Hon. N.F. COOK (Hurtle Vale—Minister for Human Services) (14:37): Thanks very much for the supplementary. In fact, I understand Assistant Minister Bourke has been asked very similar questions in relation to this in the other house. Last year, I ensured that there was continuing funding during this year for Autism SA to deliver on this diagnostic funding; $310,000, exclusive of GST, was provided in the financial year of 2021-22. We replicated that in the current financial year. I am advised that Autism SA has provided correspondence to the assistant minister and there has been no cut to any funding currently to Autism SA, and we will take any—

The Hon. J.A.W. Gardner interjecting:

The Hon. N.F. COOK: I'll finish. I'll finish. Yes, I got your whole question.

The SPEAKER: Order! The minister has the call.

The Hon. N.F. COOK: We will be using the current process to assess and evaluate what is required.